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Most of Margaret Berry sculpture is suitable for outside, with the exception of the suspended pieces. The clay is "stoneware", becoming as stone when fired to 1200 degrees. This stoneware can then be glazed to any colour of the rainbow; the glaze fuses to the ceramic creating a glass effect.

Take a look at the 16 colours of glaze used by the artist by downloading the chart.

As with the suspended ceramics, the larger outdoor sculptures are available on commission, with the creative process following from an interview with the artist.

Stoneware, frost resistant sculptures

Some benefits:

• Clay is glazed and frost resistant, so sculptures last a long time

• Larger pieces can be constructed to your specific requirements

• Wide choice of coloured glaze

Show-stopping clay sculptures, designed especially for you

To arrange a consultation with Margaret call:

07968 030 521

Sculptures perfect for the garden

Work Available Stoneware, frost resistant sculptures