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From the most delicate to the most powerful

Whether you prefer the delicately crafted and glazed ceramic hares or the striking life size busts, each ceramic table top sculpture produced by Margaret Berry is individual, evocative and comes with its own story.

How do I buy

Margaret Berry's work?

The price of each of Margaret's sculptures reflects the cost of materials and time taken to make, which in turn depends on size, complexity and detail. She charges minimum wage for her labour. One of her hares would retail for between £25 and £120.


Small sculptures are occasionally available to purchase at Guinivere's in Dolgellau.

To speak to Margaret about any of her projects, call or text:

07968 030 521

Ceramic sculptures for your table-top

"What an amazing idea! We didn’t know what to expect and found the sculptures captivating. Congratulations!"

- Roger, Daniela, Mary

Work Available